Can I just come out to the lakes and watch my friends go wakeboarding?
During Event days (on our Facebook Page) you’re more than welcome to come out to watch and soak up the atmosphere. If you want to head out but have no booking and you are not a member, get in touch to check this out first. Note: Backpaddock Lakes are on private land.
*Note: Only registered members who are aware of how Backpaddock Lakes operate are permitted to swim in the Main Lake.

Is it possible to just head out to the lakes for a swim and lunch?
Nope. No swimming due to health and safety regulations sorry. It’s just too damn dangerous with motorboats, wakeboarders, waterskiers, random crocs and other water-sports going on.
*Note: Only registered members who are aware of how Backpaddock Lakes operate are permitted to swim in the Main Lake.

How do I get access to the lakes?
You’ll need to be a member or have made a booking. To do this contact us.

How far away is the nearest town?
About 678km. Nah, Waipukurau is just 10 minutes drive away, Hastings roughly 40 minutes, and Napier one hour. In the other direction, Dannevirke is 20 minutes drive and Palmerston North about one hour. In other words not far to anywhere!

Can I come out and have a look at the venue for an event such as a wedding?
Absolutely! Just get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

We’ve done some repairs to our boat and just want to test it out before we head out to go fishing. Is that cool?
If we have no bookings we might be able to help you out, but no guarantees sorry.

Do I need my own equipment to participate at the lakes?
All you need is your togs and towel. We provide wakeboards, waterskis, lifejackets, helmets and pretty much everything else. However, you can bring your own gear but we might need to have a check to see it’s all up to scratch.

Do I have to complete any H&S information?
Yes you do, safety first always! Anyone getting involved with any activities on the water need to sign a Backpaddock Lakes disclaimer and adhere to all safety rules and signage.

Can I bring my own boat and water-ski or wake-board for the day?
Only if you have a membership. You can purchase a seasonal membership for unlimited access for the season. Also, you must attend a safety briefing with Backpaddock Lakes staff, covering all the details of the safety rules for boating at Backpaddock Lakes.

Is there a minimum age to do activities at Backpaddock Lakes?
Good question. Yes is the answer. Children under 15 years must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or another responsible adult at all times while at the park. And all water activity participants under 18 years old will need to complete a parental consent form, which means 15-17 year olds can visit and participate without supervision after filling out the form.

If I require medication can I still take part?
Yes. We advise you check with your GP though before taking part in any of our activities. It’s¬†advisable your medication is accessible at all times, and staff are aware of your condition.

Can I take part in activities at Backpaddock Lakes if I’m pregnant?
Yes, some of them. Although most activities at our lakes are physical and potentially dangerous for you and your baby. But you can still visit and watch, and maybe take a stroll around the native wetlands lake. Soz.

Can I swim in the lake?
Only registered members who are aware of how Backpaddock Lakes operate are permitted to swim in the Main Lake.

Can I fish at your lakes?
No, due to strict consenting and regulations fishing is not an option in any of our lakes.

Do you sell food and drinks at the lakes?
Yes, we sell a range of cold drinks and a few snacks. If you’d like something more substantial for your big day out, just let us know and we can arrange catering from local chefs and food artisans. A minimum number of people applies.

Do I need to book?
Yes please.

Can I use your BBQ?
For sure. We have BBQs available for seasonal members and bookings.