After months in a dark closet our new booking system is finally ready for use, designed to better your experience when interacting with Backpaddock Lakes. The new booking system means you can now make your venue, cable wakeboarding or membership purchase online at the click of a button, YESSS!!

You will see new “BOOK NOW” buttons located on the website and product pages, these buttons will guide you through to the booking system. Where you can choose a date and time from the available options, and make your purchase, it’s really that simple.

*Keep in mind session times will vary depending on availability, if what your after isn’t available contact us and we might be able to help you out.


We have made a few changes to how our Cable Wakeboarding will be run, in recent times we have had trouble getting staff on-site each day for “Rock up and ride” wakeboarding, this has made it tough for us to deliver you all the best experience possible.

To Cable Wakeboard at the lake you will now need to make a booking during one of our set 2 hour wakeboarding sessions, (Session dates and times can be found here).

For larger groups, you have the option of making a Group Cable Wakeboarding¬†booking, or if it is a 2 hour session you are after and it’s not available contact us and we can aim to get it sorted.

*See below for information about riding on event days. 


During larger event days we want to see people out there ripping the cable and having a blast, on these days the cable will be open for 10 minute sessions at $25 per person, you will be able to purchase these on site. When you make your purchase you will receive a voucher, simply hand this voucher to the operator when you want to ride. If you want to ride more than once, just purchase another voucher and you can head out for another set. (To find out what days are event days head here)

For more information contact us and we will fill you in.