“Sports Venue opens with national event” CHB Mail news paper 28 January 2014

ACTION: Backpaddock Lakes is a multi-functional water sports playground that’s been designed to run competitions up to a national level, kicking off with this weekend’s event.

“Cable Versus Wake, Backpaddock Lakes, Saturday-Sunday” VIBE, Hawke’s Bay today news paper 29 January 2014

Backpaddock Lakes is the only venue in the county to provide both boat and cable park riding in the same place – making it a haven for wake-boarders of all skill levels.

See the Wakeboarding NZ website to download a registration form of for further information…

“Unique event launches mecca for watersports” CHB Mail and Hawkes Bay Today new paper – 28 January 2014

Central Hawke's Bay will host a New Zealand-first in watersports with this weekend's Cable vs Wake competition being held at Backpaddock Lakes.

The event is the official launch of the wakeboard and waterski park on Speedy Rd, Takapau, and has attracted some of the country's top wakeboarders.

"Watersports park open" Hawkes Bay Today newspaper - 14 Feburary 2012

A new purpose built watersports park, Backpaddock Lakes, complete with a slalom course, has opened in Central Hawke's Bay.